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FalconLLM.tii.ae is an open-source LLM model developed by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) in the United Arab Emirates . It includes a wide range of pre-trained models for tasks such as sentiment analysis, named-entity recognition, and question answering, as well as tools for training and fine-tuning these models on custom datasets.

The use cases for Falcon LLM are diverse and can include natural language processing for chatbots and virtual assistants, sentiment analysis for social media monitoring, and named-entity recognition for extracting information from unstructured text. Falcon LLM has also been used for research in fields such as healthcare and finance.

TII invites researchers and developers to access Falcon LLM and submit their innovative ideas for potential use cases. The library is also available under a license that allows for commercial use. More information about Falcon LLM and how to access it can be found at FalconLLM.tii.ae.

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Falcon LLM possible use cases:

  1. Chatbot and virtual assistant development.
  2. Social media monitoring for sentiment analysis.
  3. Named-entity recognition for information extraction.
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