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What is DreamShaper (Sinkin)?

The tool offers AI upscaling of images with two options: Sinkin upscale for high detail and ESRGAN for smooth detail. Users can choose between different start images, prompts, and dimensions, and pay for the service with credits. The tool also offers various model options and allows adding prompt guidance up to 50 maximum infer steps and 20 maximum guidance scales. The image generation process usually takes 10-20 seconds.

DreamShaper (Sinkin) Details

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DreamShaper (Sinkin) Core features

  • ✔️ Image upscaling
  • ✔️ Choice between two ai techniques: sinkin upscale, esrgan
  • ✔️ Various start images, prompts, and dimensions
  • ✔️ Pay for service with credits
  • ✔️ Model options available
  • ✔️ Prompt guidance
  • ✔️ Infer steps (max 50)
  • ✔️ Guidance scales (max 20)

DreamShaper (Sinkin) use case ideas

  1. Enhancing low-resolution images for printing or display.
  2. Improving image quality for social media or website use.
  3. Restoring old or damaged photos.
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