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What is Copyleaks?

Copyleak is an AI-powered plagiarism and content detection platform for enterprises. It offers an AI content detector and a plagiar detector, both of which can seamlessly integrate into native platforms and LMS systems without requiring any coding. The chrome extension can verify whether the content is written by a person or AI. Additionally, Copyleak offers an AI grader that provides quick and accurate assessments for standard tests at the state, nation, university-wide level. The tool aims to empower, inspire and authenticate original content, and increase digital trust and confidence.

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⭐ Copyleaks Core features

  • ✔️ Ai content detector
  • ✔️ Plagiarism detection
  • ✔️ Content verification
  • ✔️ Ai grader for standard tests
  • ✔️ Authenticating original content

⚙️ Copyleaks use case ideas

  1. Verify originality of academic papers.
  2. Detect plagiarism in online content.
  3. Assess the quality of standardized tests.

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Content creators

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Ai content detector


Plagiarism detector


Ai + plagiarism detection

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