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ContentDetector.AI identifies any written text material that is AI generated, including Chat GPT and GPT 3 written content, and delivers an estimated percentage score based on the likelihood that the text content was generated by AI tools or software. In addition to that, it can count words and is completely free to use. It is a ChatGPT plagiarism detector, a GPT 3 content detector, and a Jarvis AI content detector. You only need to copy and paste the content into the text field to check. Details

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Tagged: AI Detection

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  • ✔️ Plagiarism
  • ✔️ Detect
  • ✔️ Chatgpt
  • ✔️ Gpt3
  • ✔️ Jarvisai use case ideas

  1. Checking for AI-generated content.
  2. Detecting plagiarism in ChatGPT.
  3. Verifying authenticity of GPT 3 content.
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