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What is AI Detector Pro?

AI Detector Pro ensures comprehensive recognition of AI-generated text. It constantly updates its recognition algorithm by scouring the latest outputs from leading AI content generation tools like ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD. The tool provides detailed reports indicating which parts of the content are clearly AI-produced and which are suspicious, allowing users to easily identify AI-generated content.

With AI Detector Pro, users can manage their AI generation reports efficiently through projects and access over 30 additional tools and utilities to enhance their toolbox. The tool offers features such as sentence-level details, confidence levels indicating the likelihood of text being AI-generated, and the ability to check documents or websites by pasting content or entering the URL. Users can also benefit from advanced reports that show the probability of content being AI-generated.

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⭐ AI Detector Pro Core features

  • ✔️ Ai recognition
  • ✔️ Content management
  • ✔️ Project organization
  • ✔️ Additional tools and utilities
  • ✔️ Sentence level details
  • ✔️ Confidence levels
  • ✔️ Document/website analysis

⚙️ AI Detector Pro use case ideas

  1. Identifying AI-generated content in articles and blog posts.
  2. Ensuring authenticity of user-generated content.
  3. Verifying the use of AI in research papers.
  4. Detecting text generated by Bard or GPT.

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Seo specialist
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