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Code99 is an AI-powered tool that unleashes the power of AI-generated REST APIs for Nest.js and TypeORM. It offers a step into the new era of coding with meticulously crafted REST API code and amplified capabilities for Nest.js and TypeORM. With Code99, you can elevate your projects with built-in authentication, email integration, and effortlessly generated Swagger API documentation.

The platform's AI-driven code generation feature embraces the future of development by interpreting your requirements and generating production-ready code with precision. It seamlessly integrates with the Nest.js framework, allowing you to build scalable and maintainable applications with ease. Whether it's MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite, Code99 effortlessly generates code for your preferred database using TypeORM.

Code99 also includes an advanced authentication module with email integration, making building authentication a breeze. It saves precious development time by providing easy email verification and password recovery functionalities. Additionally, the platform automatically generates detailed Swagger API documentation, eliminating the hassle of manual documentation and making it easier to understand and share your APIs.

By choosing Code99 as your code generation platform, you can elevate your development journey with unparalleled advantages. It redefines efficiency by significantly reducing development time through AI-driven code generation. The platform streamlines the development process by providing clean and structured code that adheres to best practices.

Code99 is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. It offers continuous updates and top-notch customer support to assist you whenever needed.

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Code99 possible use cases:

  1. Rapid development of scalable applications with Nest.js.
  2. Effortless authentication implementation for your REST APIs.
  3. Automated API documentation generation for your applications. Code99
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