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Backengine is an AI tool that allows you to instantly build a full-stack database backend API and Next.js frontend without the need for any code infrastructure. With Backengine, you can build your backend in just a few minutes using natural language commands. It provides instant backend deployment and scaffolding, including authentication, hooks, and styling.

The tool seamlessly integrates with your GitHub account, automatically creating and linking to a Vercel account so you can go live in just seconds.

Backengine is extensible, allowing you to connect directly to the managed Postgres database and transfer ownership of cloud resources as needed. While it works best for CRUD-style applications such as internal tools, social apps, SaaS products, and side projects, it can also handle more complex projects by letting Backengine handle the majority of the stack.

If you already have an existing stack, Backengine is in the early stages of building a feature that will allow integration with your stack.

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Backengine possible use cases:

  1. Building internal tools and web applications quickly.
  2. Prototyping and building applications quickly for startups and validation.
  3. Saving time on developing SaaS products without deep coding experience . Backengine
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