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ChatNode is an AI chatbot builder that allows you to train ChatGPT on your own data. It offers the ability to train the chatbot using various sources such as websites, PDFs, documents, or text. The training process is quick, taking only around 10 seconds, and you can also directly copy and paste text for training. The chatbot can be used internally within a company, providing instant access to vital information from multiple sources, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Additionally, it can be deployed publicly, transforming customer support by providing round-the-clock answers to customer queries and reducing the support team's workload. The chatbot offers a customizable experience, supports multiple languages, and can be integrated into websites.

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ChatNode possible use cases:

  1. Internal knowledge base chat agent.
  2. Customer support chat agent for your website.
  3. Sales support agent that is trained on your products and documents. ChatNode
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