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What is ChatBCG?

Chatba is an AI tool that allows users to generate slides using prompts. It requires Javascript to run properly. Due to high demand, the tool currently has a limit on account reach to the OpenAI API. Users can still try example prompts while the limit is in place. Chatba has a "magic" feature and users can input prompts such as "Zune failure," "Prime real estate market in South Florida," and "How to write the best-selling book."


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Tagged: Presentations Writing

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ChatBCG Core features

  • ✔️ Generate slides using prompts
  • ✔️ Input prompts such as 'zune failure,' 'prime real estate market in south florida,' and 'how to write the best-selling book.'

ChatBCG use case ideas

  1. Create engaging presentations quickly.
  2. Generate visual aids for lectures or speeches.
  3. Design slides for marketing or sales pitches. ChatBCG
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