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CelebU a Custom AI Celebrity Video Greetings for Every Occasion.CelebU allows you to create unique and personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities.Use AI technology to clone voices authentically, choose from easy templates, and receive your custom deepfake videos swiftly, making every event memorable.

Utilize advanced AI to replicate celebrity voices for an incredibly authentic and personalized video message.CelebU provides a vast collection of pre-designed templates to create custom videos effortlessly.

The upcoming lip-syncing feature will allow for an even more lifelike experience, as celebrities appear to speak your personalized messages.More over the generated video will be available to send in seconds, for an affordable price.

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CelebU Video Generator possible use cases:

  1. Birthday Celebrations: Make loved ones feel extra special with a personalized greeting from their favorite celebrity.
  2. Holiday Surprises: Bring joy with unique celebrity messages tailored for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.
  3. Pranks and Laughs: Create hilarious prank videos with celebrity deepfakes to share with friends for a dose of fun.
  4. Milestone Acknowledgments: Celebrate graduations, promotions, and other milestones with a custom celebrity shout-out.
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