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Carbonate is an AI-driven automated end-to-end testing tool that enables you to write automated browser tests in plain English. It allows you to write tests using simple language-driven instructions, which it then converts into fixed test scripts.

With Carbonate, you can easily tweak the UI of your tests without affecting the overall behavior. It intelligently analyzes HTML to determine UI changes, even accounting for simple rendering differences. Performance analysis is performed, and subsequent runs use locally cached versions of the test scripts to ensure optimal performance.

The tool provides integrations with PHP, Node.js, and Python, allowing you to get up and running in minutes without changing your existing tooling. Carbonate's SDK caches generated test scripts directly within your test suite, ensuring fast and reliable runs of your tests. If the HTML structure changes significantly, Carbonate automatically generates new test scripts.

With Carbonate, you can speed up development, increase stability, and leverage the expertise of your testing team. By automating end-to-end tests, you can ensure that changes don't break existing functionality while freeing up time for more important tasks.

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Carbonate possible use cases:

  1. Regression testing for web applications.
  2. Cross-browser compatibility testing for web applications and websites.
  3. Automated performance testing for web applications. Carbonate
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