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Canary Mail is a smart email app that saves you time and effort handling emails.With its AI capabilities, Canary Mail can summarize long emails to help you get up to speed faster.It also offloads boring work with its AI copilot feature.

Manage multiple email accounts in one unified inbox and prioritize your tasks with smart prioritization.The app also offers a bulk cleaner to clear the rest of your emails easily.Keep track of your sent emails with read receipts and schedule emails to be sent at the perfect time with the send later feature.

Pin and snooze important emails to keep them top of mind.Enjoy top-level email security with encryption using PGP and Securesend.Canary Mail prioritizes privacy, putting your information first and promising no ads or data mining.

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Canary Mail possible use cases:

  1. Save time and effort with efficient email management.
  2. Improve productivity on everyday emails with AI tools.
  3. Enhance email security and tracking capabilities. Canary Mail
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