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Brightbot is an AI-powered chatbot tool that helps increase conversions and engage prospects on websites.It allows users to quickly add a chatbot that can answer questions in real-time, even when the team is unavailable.

The tool provides immediate responses and can be easily trained with text data to answer questions on various topics.Brightbot's key features include an admin panel to effortlessly manage the chatbot, the ability to import text to train the chatbot, and monitoring capabilities to keep track of conversations.

Users can customize the chatbot to match their branding and benefit from its 24/7 presence, providing fast response times and reducing the workload on the team by handling routine queries.To use Brightbot, users need to copy and paste the provided embed code into their website.

The tool is cloud-based and can be accessed through a web browser.Brightbot offers a free plan to get started, and as usage grows, users can choose from paid subscription plans.Payment can be made via credit card, invoice, or bank transfer.

Brightbot is a product of Bright Interactive Limited and provides a user-friendly platform for training and managing chatbots.For more information, users can contact Brightbot's support team or visit their website.

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BrightBot possible use cases:

  1. Increase website conversions.
  2. Engage prospects in real-time.
  3. Answer questions on various topics. BrightBot
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