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What is Arcwise?

Arcwise will help you transform your Google Sheet into an AI-first data analytics platform.Arcwise leverages all of your company’s data sources: Snowflake, BigQuery, Salesforce, Netsuite, Looker, and more.

We’re trusted by industry leaders like NZXT, saving hours every week on spreadsheet report building and significantly boosting profitability.Arcwise generates insights and charts instantly from your data, no CSV imports or formulas required.

Drop the results into your spreadsheet, refine the analysis, build reports, and update everything with a single click.Your work is always linked to the data source.Generate weekly business reviews in minutes - then drill down to uncover where data points came from.

Use Arcwise to build weekly business reviews, revenue reconciliation processes, demand forecasts, lead scoring, inventory management, and so much more.

Arcwise Details

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Tagged: Spreadsheets Data Analysis

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Arcwise Core features

  • ✔️ Instant insights with AI analyst
  • ✔️ One click spreadsheet data refresh
  • ✔️ Spreadsheet formula assistant
  • ✔️ Integrations with popular data sources
  • ✔️ Spreadsheet report building
  • ✔️ Spreadsheet formula drilldown
  • ✔️ Data visualization
  • ✔️ Analysis on millions of rows
  • ✔️ Data snapshotting

Arcwise Highlights:

Arcwise use case ideas

  1. Build data analysis with slick visuals in minutes.
  2. Generate weekly business reviews and drill down into key metrics.
  3. Build a spreadsheet process and update in a single click. Arcwise
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