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What is Archistar?

Archistar is a leading property research platform for architects, integrating data and AI to support confident and compliant decision-making.Key features include eCheck, a building permit technology for fast-track approvals.

Architects can design with precision and speed by blending generative design with planning rules from 25,000 sources and high-resolution aerial imagery.The platform offers real-time analysis, allowing architects to conduct environmental assessments and export designs to various file formats.

Archistar accelerates proven processes, providing a 30x faster solution and a 10x return on investment.It covers Australia and its states, with data sourced directly from official government documents.

Archistar Details

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Tagged: Design Architecture

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Archistar Core features

  • ✔️ Echeck
  • ✔️ Generative design
  • ✔️ Planning rules
  • ✔️ Real-time analysis
  • ✔️ File format export

Archistar use case ideas

  1. Efficient building design.
  2. Cost-effective design solutions.
  3. Innovative architectural designs. Archistar
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