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What is AILYZE?

AILYZE is an AI tool for qualitative research, with a free tier.Users can upload their files and get detailed thematic analysis, answers to their interview transcripts/ reports/ articles, supporting quotes and more from our tool.

Users can also create their own AI interviewer, which can autonomously interview others in any language and present images to them to gather feedback.It offers features like Custom Analysis, enabling users to ask questions about their documents and receive detailed answers with supporting quotes, significantly speeding up analysis by up to 30 times.

For Pro users, One-Click Insights automatically generates detailed summaries and thematic analyses of all documents.Enterprise users can access a data scientist for offline AI analysis, providing insights on approximately 50 documents within two days.

Testimonials highlight the tool's ability to deliver rapid results, enhance productivity, and capture nuanced insights, revolutionizing research and evaluation processes.

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⭐ AILYZE Core features

  • ✔️ Summarize documents
  • ✔️ Perform thematic analysis
  • ✔️ Generate answers to questions

⚙️ AILYZE use case ideas

  1. Accelerate qualitative research with 30x faster analysis, detailed thematic insights, and interview transcription..
  2. Create AI interviewers for autonomous multilingual interviewing and feedback gathering with image presentation..
  3. Enhance productivity and capture nuanced insights in research and evaluation processes..

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