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What is Agenda Hero?

Agenda Hero helps you turn unstructured text on the web into a calendar-ready event in one click.Works great for emails, newsletters, and events you find on the web and social media.Select or type text, modify the result if you'd like, and add it to your calendar.

It's really that simple.Agenda Hero Magic could be used on the web via the site or the chrome extension for quick access.

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⭐ Agenda Hero Core features

  • ✔️ Text to schedule entry generator
  • ✔️ Chrome extension
  • ✔️ Web interface
  • ✔️ Calendar integration

⚙️ Agenda Hero use case ideas

  1. Agenda Hero can be used to quickly and easily schedule events from emails, newsletters, or social media posts. It allows users to convert unstructured text into a calendar entry with just one click..
  2. Agenda Hero is perfect for busy professionals who need to quickly schedule appointments, meetings, or events without having to manually enter the details..
  3. With Agenda Hero, event planners can easily schedule events from online sources such as social media or newsletters, saving time and streamlining their scheduling process..
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