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What is Your Own Story Book?

Stori Book is an AI tool that helps create personalized storybooks featuring the user's pet as the main character. It allows users to input their pet's name, type, breed, and gender and then generates unique storylines and illustrations based on the input. The stories are adaptable to the pet's gender, making each experience unique. The platform also offers printing services for keepsakes.

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Your Own Story Book Core features

  • ✔️ Pet input
  • ✔️ Story generation
  • ✔️ Illustration generation
  • ✔️ Gender adaptability
  • ✔️ Printing services

Your Own Story Book use case ideas

  1. Create a unique keepsake for pet owners.
  2. Gift for pet lovers.
  3. Children's book featuring their pet. Your Own Story Book
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