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Yesil Health is an AI health assistant tool that provides personalized analysis and recommendations for health-related questions.It offers symptom and lab result analysis and customized lifestyle advice, including personalized diet and exercise plans.

The tool acts as an on-demand health advisor that is available 24/7 and can provide guidance on various health topics.It also offers personalized recommendations for physical activity, diet, stress reduction, and sleep to help maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Users can track their health data, view recommendations, and engage in conversations with the tool through a user-friendly interface.Yesil Health is backed by Yesil Science Technology and uses innovative AI technology.

The tool is designed to assist with health assessments and provide insights for informed decision-making.It is important to note that the tool is an experimental feature and its output should not replace the judgment of healthcare providers.

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Yesil Health possible use cases:

  1. Symptom and lab result analysis.
  2. Customized health lifestyle advice.
  3. On-demand health advisor to achieve certain goals. Yesil Health
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