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What is Writefull?

Writeful is an AI-powered tool that helps researchers and students with their academic writing. It offers features such as language feedback, paraphrasing, abstract and title generation, and an academizer. Writeful has various widgets to help with language and sentence construction. It is available as a desktop download and can be used with Word and Overleaf for editing and publication. Writeful provides a fast and secure way to revise text, with full encryption and no text storage.

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⭐ Writefull Core features

  • ✔️ Language feedback
  • ✔️ Paraphrasing
  • ✔️ Abstract and title generation
  • ✔️ Academizer
  • ✔️ Widgets

⚙️ Writefull use case ideas

  1. Revise and improve academic writing.
  2. Generate abstracts and titles.
  3. Paraphrase and reword text.
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