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What is Wave AI?

Wave is a coaching tool that offers personalized coaching to individuals using a team of coaching scientists and supervisors powered by advanced coaching science, technology, and AI. Wave provides insight, data, and exercises to help individuals unlock situations and progress towards their goals. Wave is used by professionals looking for high-quality coaching to improve their personal and professional growth. Some use cases for Wave include executives looking to improve their leadership skills, individuals seeking to overcome career hurdles, and people looking to improve their work-life balance.

Wave AI Details

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Tagged: Coaching Life Assistant

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Wave AI Core features

  • ✔️ Personalized coaching
  • ✔️ Insight
  • ✔️ Data
  • ✔️ Exercises
  • ✔️ Goal progression

Wave AI use case ideas

  1. Executives improving leadership skills.
  2. Overcoming career hurdles.
  3. Improving work-life balance.
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