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What is WatchNow?

"WatchNow AI is a chat-based AI tool that recommends movies and TV shows across popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime and HBO. It uses artificial intelligence to curate personalized recommendations based on user preferences. Users can simply add a title and receive 10 hyper-tailored recommendations. The tool guarantees to help users stop endless scrolling and start watching. Users can enter their email to be notified when the tool goes live."

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WatchNow Core features

  • ✔️ Recommend movies and tv shows
  • ✔️ Curate personalized recommendations
  • ✔️ Use artificial intelligence
  • ✔️ Guarantee to help users stop endless scrolling
  • ✔️ Notify users via email

WatchNow use case ideas

  1. Help users find new movies and TV shows to watch.
  2. Save time by providing personalized recommendations.
  3. Increase user engagement on streaming services. WatchNow
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