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What is Voxqube?

This AI tool, called Voxqub, offers a self-service platform for businesses looking to expand their reach by dubbing their videos into local languages. The company's algorithm takes care of the entire process, including transcription, translation, dubbing, and syncing local sound. Voxqub also provides language professionals to ensure high-quality translations. Their affordably-priced service offers a seamless integration of the original audio with synthetic voices, with a focus on genuine human sound.


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Voxqube Core features

  • ✔️ Translation
  • ✔️ Transcription
  • ✔️ Dubbing
  • ✔️ Syncing
  • ✔️ Language professionals

Voxqube use case ideas

  1. Dubbing marketing videos for global audiences.
  2. Translating educational videos for international students.
  3. Localizing training videos for multinational companies.
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