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What is Tonkean InvoicesGPT?

Tonkean is an AI-powered tool that offers solutions for procurement, legal work, and invoice management. It automates tail-spend creation, provides guided buying journeys, and helps with legal requests. Its no-code process builder allows for custom processes end-to-end and offers data source integrations. The tool also provides enterprise governance and control features for optimized process management.

Tonkean InvoicesGPT Details

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Tagged: Legal Business

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Tonkean InvoicesGPT Core features

  • ✔️ Procurement
  • ✔️ Legal work
  • ✔️ Invoice management
  • ✔️ Tail-spend creation
  • ✔️ Guided buying journeys
  • ✔️ Legal requests
  • ✔️ Custom processes
  • ✔️ Data source integrations
  • ✔️ Enterprise governance and control features

Tonkean InvoicesGPT use case ideas

  1. Automating tail-spend creation.
  2. Guided buying journeys.
  3. Legal request management. Tonkean InvoicesGPT
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