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What is Timely?

The AI-powered time tracking software, called Timely, helps users of various industries track time accurately and efficiently with features like project tracking, team tracking, and plan management. The tool can be used by accountants, agencies, creatives, freelancers, lawyers, project managers, remote workers, and software companies. With Timely, users can monitor budgets, project progress, and hourly activities in real-time. The tool also provides integrations with other popular apps like Asana, Basecamp, and Google Calendar.

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⭐ Timely Core features

  • ✔️ Project tracking
  • ✔️ Team tracking
  • ✔️ Plan management
  • ✔️ Monitor budgets
  • ✔️ Real-time progress tracking

⚙️ Timely use case ideas

  1. Monitor project progress and hourly activities in real-time.
  2. Track team activities and manage plans.
  3. Integrate with popular apps like Asana, Basecamp, and Google Calendar.

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Project managers
Team leads
Business owners

💰 Timely Pricing

Prices are subject to change. Always verify pricing information.

Solo / micro business starter

$ 9/mo

Solo / micro business starter

$ 11/mo

Teams premium

$ 20/mo

Large companies unlimited

$ 28/mo
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