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Tidepool is an AI tool that helps product teams make better decisions by analyzing user text interactions.With its AI-based text interfaces, Tidepool can uncover patterns in how users interact with your software.

It saves you time by automatically discovering the topics users talk about, the popular languages used, and the actions that are turned into shortcuts.Tidepool uses embeddings to cluster together similar text and surface important attributes from the data, without the need for manual intervention.

Its intuitive visual interface allows you to expand categories of interest and drill into specific conversations.It helps measure and categorize new user interactions, track trends in user activity, and correlate text attributes with product metrics.

Tidepool works with any data infrastructure, whether it's an SDK, CDP, or reverse-ETL.

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Tidepool possible use cases:

  1. Refining product-market fit via AI powered user interaction analysis.
  2. Tracking trends in user activity to understand user interactions with a new product.
  3. Correlating text attributes with product metrics.
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