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What is texti?

The AI tool is a text-based platform that can provide support in problem-solving and information gathering through live AI browsing. The tool has the ability to boost content quality and offers users access to a large knowledge database. Additionally, it can assist with mathematical calculations and offers formula and picture-based support. Lastly, the tool has the potential to aid in professional writing through its formal and scientific writing style.

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Tagged: Research Education

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texti Core features

  • ✔️ Problem-solving
  • ✔️ Information gathering
  • ✔️ Content quality enhancement
  • ✔️ Mathematical calculations
  • ✔️ Formula and picture-based support
  • ✔️ Professional writing

texti use case ideas

  1. Assisting with research and information gathering.
  2. Providing mathematical calculations and formula support.
  3. Improving professional writing style.
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