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What is Talestime?

Talestim is an AI tool for creating and generating personalized stories. Users can create stories using the tool, and if they need stories quickly, they can purchase a bundle subscription. There are over 2000 pre-made stories in the library to use or customize. The starter subscription allows the creation of five tales while the premium subscription has no limit to the number of tales you can create. Talestim is available in German and English languages.


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Talestime Core features

  • ✔️ Story creation
  • ✔️ Customization of pre-made stories
  • ✔️ Purchase of bundle subscriptions
  • ✔️ Availability in german and english languages

Talestime use case ideas

  1. Create personalized bedtime stories for children.
  2. Generate unique marketing content for businesses.
  3. Create engaging social media posts for influencers.
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