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What is SwaggyStocks?

Swaggi Stocks is a simple yet powerful tool designed to help understand stock market sentiment. It tracks various social media outlets and offers real-time views on stock talk, allowing users to ride market momentum. The tool also features an option max pain theory and one-stop watchlists, categorizing real-time data in one place, making it easy to monitor and analyze markets.

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SwaggyStocks Core features

  • ✔️ Tracking social media sentiment
  • ✔️ Real-time views on stock talk
  • ✔️ Option max pain theory
  • ✔️ One-stop watchlists
  • ✔️ Monitoring and analyzing market data

SwaggyStocks use case ideas

  1. Monitor and analyze stock market trends.
  2. Track social media sentiment on specific stocks.
  3. Create personalized watchlists for real-time data analysis.
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