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What is SupaRes?

The AI image enhancement platform by Supar offers a fully automated solution for businesses in need of professional-looking photos. It features tools for super-resolution upscaling, face enhancement, tone adjustment, artifact reduction, low-light boost, and noise removal, all powered by AI. The platform also includes cloud storage, team management, and a secure dashboard. There is a free trial available and the company is part of the NVIDIA Inception program.


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Tagged: Image Editing

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SupaRes Core features

  • ✔️ Super-resolution upscaling
  • ✔️ Face enhancement
  • ✔️ Tone adjustment
  • ✔️ Artifact reduction
  • ✔️ Low-light boost

SupaRes use case ideas

  1. Improve product images for e-commerce.
  2. Enhance real estate photos for listings.
  3. Create high-quality marketing materials. SupaRes
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