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What is Summate? is a tool that quickly summarizes web articles using openai experiment. It extracts full-text RSS articles and provides summaries based on a portion of the article. The tool offers an API that users can sign up to use. Users are advised not to use the site in an automated fashion. The tool is limited by the openai API which doesn't allow the submission of large texts.

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Summate Core features

  • ✔️ Extracts full-text rss articles
  • ✔️ Provides summaries based on a portion of the article
  • ✔️ Offers an api for users to sign up and use
  • ✔️ Limited by openai api which doesn't allow submission of large texts

Summate use case ideas

  1. Quickly summarize web articles.
  2. Extract full-text RSS articles.
  3. Provide summaries based on a portion of the article. Summate
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