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What is Soon app?

Soon is an automated cryptocurrency investing tool that uses dollar-cost averaging and diversification to provide a responsible investment approach. With flexible investment options starting from $300/month, users can potentially earn a return based on historical user data, although future performance is not guaranteed. Soon automates all aspects of investing, including portfolio management, transfers, and taxes. It also provides a secure and ethical investment experience and shields users from the negative side of short-term volatility while taking advantage of potential gains.

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⭐ Soon app Core features

  • ✔️ Automated cryptocurrency investing
  • ✔️ Dollar-cost averaging
  • ✔️ Portfolio management
  • ✔️ Transfers
  • ✔️ Taxes

⚙️ Soon app use case ideas

  1. Investing in cryptocurrency with a responsible approach.
  2. Automating cryptocurrency portfolio management.
  3. Diversifying cryptocurrency investments.
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