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What is Songmastr?

Songmastr is an AI tool that allows users to master their songs for free up to 7 times a week. The user needs to upload a properly mixed track with enough headroom and a reference track with a similar vibe to achieve the desired sound. The tool applies compression and limiting to the final master.

Songmastr Details

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Tagged: Music Audio

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Songmastr Core features

  • ✔️ Uploading
  • ✔️ Properly mixed track
  • ✔️ Headroom
  • ✔️ Reference track
  • ✔️ Similar vibe

Songmastr use case ideas

  1. Improve the sound quality of a demo track.
  2. Prepare a track for release on streaming platforms.
  3. Create a polished final version of a podcast episode. Songmastr
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