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Solidlyai is an AI-powered project management tool that helps cross-functional teams save time and stay in sync. Its communication assistant reduces nonstop pings and distractions that pull teams away from work. It provides instant access to critical context, resulting in fewer meetings and less time responding to pings. The tool listens to messages and turns notifications into summaries to catch up on work quickly. Solidlyai prompts team members for updates and sends custom briefs to partner teams. It summarizes messages and reduces time spent sifting through emails and slacks. Solidlyai helps teams focus on what matters, resulting in hours of time saved each day.

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Solidly possible use cases:

  1. Saves time by reducing nonstop pings and distractions between teams within an organization.
  2. Provides instant access to critical context for project documents and emails..
  3. Reduces time spent sifting through emails and slacks for teams..
  4. Prompts team members for updates on on-going projects.
  5. Sends custom briefs to partner teams on running projects and open topics.. Solidly
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