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Slaitor is an AI language translation assistant powered by GPT and SL, offering a unique and innovative approach to translation. With Slaitor, you can translate step-by-step, change translation styles, propose translation alternatives, explain translations, and correct errors. It enhances the regular translation system by providing a step-by-step translation process and explaining the details of the translation. Slaitor supports 28 language pairs and offers features such as translation checker mode, paraphrases, and translation styles. It also allows commercial use and provides dedicated customer support. Slaitor is constantly improving and adding new languages and features based on user feedback. Pricing starts at $8 per month with the option to cancel anytime. Slaitor's interface is user-friendly and responsive, making it accessible across various devices. With Slaitor, you can easily translate, check translations, and manage translation history. Slaitor aims to provide fast and high-quality translations by combining the latest advances in AI and machine translation techniques.

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slAItor possible use cases:

  1. Translate with step-by-step process.
  2. Check and correct translations.
  3. Manage translation history. slAItor
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