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What is SecondSoul?

Secondsoul - the ultimate AI tool to monetize your community with your AI clone.With secondsoul's platform, you can generate an AI clone of your self that offers 24/7 conversations on Telegram.Creating your clone is as easy as signing up and using your browser.

Start for free and earn money by connecting with a new channel of audience support, all with zero work required.Not only can you create and update your clone persona effortlessly, but you can also grow new audiences with a clone that speaks and understands over 20 languages.

Upload your chat and voice samples to customize your AI clone's unique traits, including personalized image and voice.Train your clone using chat history to closely mimic your style and engage users like never before.

Once perfected, your AI clone takes the form of a Telegram bot ready to interact with users anytime and anywhere.Promote your clone by sharing its link with friends and followers.When it comes to monetizing your clone, you have full control.

Choose the number of free messages and set a subscription price.You'll receive 80% of the monthly subscription fee paid by users of your clone.Engaging with your audience around the clock has never been easier, enhancing the connection with your followers in ways you never thought possible.

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⭐ SecondSoul Core features

  • ✔️ 24/7 conversations on Telegram
  • ✔️ speaks and understands over 20 languages
  • ✔️ customizable traits including personalized image and voice
  • ✔️ train clone using chat history to mimic your style
  • ✔️ full control over monetization

⚙️ SecondSoul use case ideas

  1. Monetize your community by creating an AI clone of yourself to chat with your audience.
  2. Engage with a new audience on Telegram through 24/7 conversations in 20 languages.
  3. Earn money by connecting with your new audience and montize your expertise.
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