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Scale Catalog is a machine learning tool that allows e-commerce and retail teams to create, enrich, and enhance their product catalogs quickly and efficiently. It offers solutions for building, comparing, and deploying LLM apps, as well as annotation tools for text, audio, images, videos, and 3D sensor fusion. Scale Catalog also provides access to AI-generated product imagery, aggregates and enriches product data from seller feeds and the internet, and offers enrichment options such as adding attributes, taxonomy classification, verification of weight, and image modification. Additionally, Scale Catalog's matching capabilities allow for the removal of duplicates, mergers of variants, correction of errors, and consolidation of product catalogs, making it an all-in-one solution for improving the customer experience, achieving maximum conversions, and maintaining high-quality data.

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Scale Catalog Forge possible use cases:

  1. Quickly build and enrich product catalogs.
  2. Automatically remove duplicates and errors.
  3. Improve customer experience and increase conversions. Scale Catalog Forge
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