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What is RoomDog?

RoomDog is an AI-driven interior design tool that allows users to quickly redesign their spaces using just a photo.It offers a choice of over 40 styles and can transform sketches into photorealistic renders.

Additionally, RoomDog provides virtual staging solutions to enhance real estate listings, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional interior design services.

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⭐ RoomDog Core features

  • ✔️ AI-powered room redesign
  • ✔️ Virtual staging for real estate listings
  • ✔️ Maintains construction details
  • ✔️ High photorealism
  • ✔️ Over 40 interior design styles to choose from

⚙️ RoomDog use case ideas

  1. Visualize potential room changes quickly and accurately without the need for an expensive interior designer..
  2. Enhance real estate listings with virtual staging, selling homes faster and at higher prices compared to empty homes..
  3. Create photorealistic renders of various interior design styles like modern, minimalist, or contemporary in seconds..

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Home owners
Interior designers
Real estate agents
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