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Rizemail summarizes your emails without you having to leave your inbox. No installs. For free. You simply forward your unread newsletters or long emails to [email protected] and you get a concise AI-generated summary back as a reply. Once your emails is processed we delete any trace of it to ensure your privacy. Rizemail is the tool for you if you want to spend less time wading through useless information and want to get to the core of your emails. Save your time, summ@rizemail now.

The best part? It's completely free! Currently, Rizemail allows you to summarize up to 100 mails per month per email account. Rest assured that your emails and data are secure with us, as we delete them immediately after summarization.

While Rizemail serves modest ads at the bottom of the provided summaries to keep the service free, an ad-free premium service with extra features is coming soon. When you use Rizemail, your email is only used to summarize it, nothing else.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will receive your emails and trim the core body for our AI tool, OpenAI's GPT3.5 Turbo, to summarize. Once AWS returns the summary, it deletes all traces. Your email addresses are encrypted and stored as a hash, ensuring no one can see the content of your emails. The list of hashed emails is deleted every month.

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RizeMail possible use cases:

  1. Quickly summarize emails.
  2. Manage long email threads and get the gist of it.
  3. Organize commercial communications.
  4. Summarize newsletters to get the core message quickly.
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