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Revive is an AI-powered learning tool that offers the opportunity to learn from industry experts and become an expert in various fields.It features a unique learning approach called Dynamic Logic, tailoring tasks based on user responses.

Users receive instant feedback from real industry experts who train the AI models.The platform also encourages active engagement, allowing users to provide feedback and contribute to fine-tuning the AI models, with experts being rewarded for their input.

Revive covers a range of industries, including courses in startups, marketing, and design.The tool aims to provide personalized career education by harnessing AI and industry expertise.It is available for free on the App Store and offers the chance to learn and excel in a smart, efficient manner.

Start now, Choose your industry and learn with Dynamic Logic, where every task changes depending on how you answer. Get instant feedback based on real Industry Experts that train our AI models.

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Revive possible use cases:

  1. Learn from industry experts in startups, marketing, and design..
  2. Get your AI Tailored Career Education Wiki.
  3. Receive tailored tasks and instant feedback for skill improvement..
  4. Contribute feedback to fine-tune AI models and earn rewards..
  5. Get paid for your contribution. Revive
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4.6 3 ratings

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