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Released AI is a powerful tool that effortlessly generates engaging release notes and changelogs powered by Jira. It takes care of transforming Jira issues into stunning release notes, allowing you to focus on telling engaging stories. With customizable prompts (coming soon) and the ability to categorize posts into different lists, you can easily group posts by topic or product area, making it easier for readers to navigate and find relevant information.

One of the key features of Released AI is its ability to compile changelists in seconds, saving you valuable hours of manually compiling lists of changes and improvements. Whether you're working with different versions or seeking the latest enhancements, Released AI has got you covered. You can include issues from multiple Jira projects and benefit from a powerful editing experience.

With Released AI, you can create announcements with rich content blocks using a drag and drop editor, giving you creative freedom to customize the look and feel of your release notes. The tool also offers announcement page widgets, making it easy to seamlessly integrate your product changes into your website, whether it's a public or private help center.

Designed with security and scalability in mind, Released AI is seamlessly powered by the Atlassian platform, ensuring state-of-the-art user management and top-tier security. With customizable permissions and roles, you have full control over access management. The tool also supports SAML SSO for automated user provisioning and synchronization with Active Directory using Atlassian Access.

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Released possible use cases:

  1. Generate release notes and changelogs from Jira issues.
  2. Customize and categorize release notes quickly for product releases.
  3. Create announcements with rich content blocks in your release notes.
  4. Integrate product changes and annoucements into websites.
  5. Manage user access and security. Released
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