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What is ReflectMe?

Reflectm is an AI tool that allows users to generate custom avatars using a variety of different styles and characters, from doctors to cowboys. The tool can create animated digital art in a square format of 512x512 pixels, and offers a pack of 20 pre-generated images for sale. Users can upload ten or more images of their face and upper body to train the temporary AI model, which learns to generate images in alignment with the user's preferences. The tool offers a manual verification process to ensure the quality of the generated images, and erases all uploaded photos once the training process is complete.

ReflectMe Details

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ReflectMe Core features

  • ✔️ Avatar generation
  • ✔️ Customizable styles and characters
  • ✔️ Animated digital art
  • ✔️ 512x512 pixel square format
  • ✔️ Pre-generated images for sale

ReflectMe use case ideas

  1. Creating unique avatars for social media profiles.
  2. Designing characters for video games or animations.
  3. Generating personalized digital art for marketing campaigns. ReflectMe
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