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Recipease is an AI-powered app that takes the stress out of deciding what to cook. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, Recipease creates personalized recipes based on the ingredients you have available. Whether you're looking to make a specific dish or want to save a recipe you found online, Recipease has got you covered. With their new "Enter Recipe" feature, you can input a recipe from anywhere and save it to your collection. The app generates fantastic recipes, and the AI technology even takes into account recipes that have actually been cooked and tasted. It's easy to use and a great tool for discovering, saving, developing, and curating your own unique collection of recipes. Just remember to use your best judgment when following the recipes provided. Recipease is available for free on iOS and offers in-app purchases.

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Recipease possible use cases:

  1. Generate personalized recipes.
  2. Save and curate recipe collection.
  3. Create recipes based on available ingredients.
  4. Find recipes based on specific dish.
  5. Assist in cooking and meal planning. Recipease
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