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What is Raycast Al?

Raycast is an AI tool that allows developers to write smarter, code faster, and answer questions quicker. It leverages AI to provide a new layer of context and can be used across applications. Raycast's AI assistant can be accessed easily from anywhere on your Mac. It can accelerate tasks without any coding required, and you can unleash the full potential of APIs to make your extensions smarter. In the beta phase, AI features are available for free, and the waitlist allows control over rollouts.

Raycast Al Details

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Raycast Al Core features

  • ✔️ Development
  • ✔️ Code generation
  • ✔️ Contextualization
  • ✔️ Question answering

Raycast Al use case ideas

  1. Accelerate coding tasks without coding.
  2. Access AI assistant from anywhere on Mac.
  3. Unleash API potential to make extensions smarter.
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