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What is RappingAI?

RappingAI is an AI tool that allows users to battle and simulate rap battles with an AI opponent. It offers both a battle mode and a lyric mode. Users can select their own rapper name and compete against the AI, or they can have the AI generate its own lyrics. The tool also offers users the option to purchase word packs for their battles. Payment is handled securely through Stripe.

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RappingAI Core features

  • ✔️ Compete with ai opponent
  • ✔️ Create and battle with user-selected rapper name
  • ✔️ Simulate rap battles in battle mode
  • ✔️ Generate lyrics for users in lyric mode
  • ✔️ Purchase word packs

RappingAI use case ideas

  1. Compete against AI in rap battles.
  2. Generate AI lyrics for rap battles.
  3. Purchase word packs for battles.
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