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What is rankode?

Rankod is an AI tool that helps streamline the recruitment process by automating the evaluation of skill level and expertise of candidates. It allows for analysis of a candidate's GitHub repository to understand their level of experience, knowledge, and code ethics. Using machine learning, it generates an unbiased report ranking the candidate's suitability for the job. By using Rankod, companies can cut their recruitment time in half and hire the best candidate while saving time and resources. It also helps promote in-house specialists and create a fair ensemble metric for HR processes.

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Tagged: Human resources

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rankode Core features

  • ✔️ Automating evaluation of skill level and expertise
  • ✔️ Analyzing github repository for experience, knowledge, and code ethics
  • ✔️ Generating unbiased report ranking candidate suitability
  • ✔️ Cutting recruitment time in half
  • ✔️ Promoting in-house specialists
  • ✔️ Creating fair ensemble metric

rankode use case ideas

  1. Streamlining recruitment process.
  2. Promoting in-house specialists.
  3. Creating fair ensemble metric for HR processes.
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