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What is Prodigy AI?

Prodigy AI Career Coach for software engineers. It can help you with several career related things from next move advice to how to increase your pay rate. ChatGPT-enabled coach that acts as an engineering manager to give devs quick, relevant and specific advice on how to achieve career success given a specific career goal. In addition is offers other features like a skill challenger and more.

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⭐ Prodigy AI Core features

  • ✔️ Career advice
  • ✔️ Next move advice
  • ✔️ Pay rate increase advice
  • ✔️ Engineering management
  • ✔️ Skill challenging

⚙️ Prodigy AI use case ideas

  1. Get advice on next career move.
  2. Increase pay rate.
  3. Challenge and improve skills.

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Software engineers
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Prodigy AI Highlights:

✅ Meet HAL, your personal AI career coach.
✅ Upload your resume

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