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The AI tool, called Prettysmart, uses artificial intelligence to write copy and create designs for social media posts. It allows users to upload brand collateral and customize their posts using templates and free stock photos. The tool is scalable and can create hundreds of posts per day. Pricing plans are available for businesses and agencies, with a 7-day free trial offered for each plan. The tool's features include seamless design, AI copywriting, ton of templates, super scalability, free stock photos, and easy editor. Details

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🔥 Promote this tool Core features

  • ✔️ Ai copywriting
  • ✔️ Design creation
  • ✔️ Template customization
  • ✔️ Free stock photos
  • ✔️ Easy editor use case ideas

  1. Create social media posts with AI-generated copy and design.
  2. Customize posts using templates and free stock photos.
  3. Scalable solution for businesses and agencies.
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