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PracticeTalking is an AI tool that allows you to create and update AI agents for fun and educational conversations. With PracticeTalking, you can have interactive conversations with anyone - from your favorite celebrity or historical figure to important job interview simulations. This tool uses AI technology to provide a platform for users to practice important conversations that may actually happen in real life.

Whether you've always wanted to chat with Taylor Swift, have an in-depth conversation about relativity with Einstein, or ask Ronaldo how it feels to be one of the best players of all time, PracticeTalking can help you practice and get feedback to nail those conversations.

You can use pre-trained AI agents or easily create your own. Additionally, you can share your AI creations with the community of users. For example, if you're nervous about talking to your crush or preparing for a college admissions or job interview, PracticeTalking provides the opportunity to practice and improve your communication skills.

PracticeTalking also offers specialized AI agents for specific scenarios, such as interview simulations for prestigious institutions like Stanford. It can also be used to practice starting meaningful conversations and overcome shyness when making new friends.

The tool continues to release new AI agents, allowing users to explore a wide range of possibilities. If you're curious about the AI agents that have already been created by the community, you can log in to see and interact with them.

PracticeTalking is a reliable and versatile platform for enhancing your conversational skills and gaining confidence for various situations.

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  1. Practice conversations with celebrities.
  2. Improve communication skills.
  3. Job interview simulation.
  4. Overcome shyness in conversations.
  5. Create and share AI agents. Practicetalking
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