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What is Postaga?

Postaga is an AI-powered outreach platform that helps you find the right contacts and opportunities for your outreach campaigns. With features like an outreach CRM, an opportunity finder, and automated follow-up sequences, Postaga makes it easier and more efficient to build personal outreach campaigns. The platform offers 10 different campaign types, including skyscraper, guest post, and resource page outreach, to help you reach your specific outreach goals. With a free trial available, you can start building relationships and tracking your outreach efforts today.

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Tagged: Email Sales

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Postaga Core features

  • ✔️ Outreach crm
  • ✔️ Opportunity finder
  • ✔️ Automated follow-up sequences
  • ✔️ 10 different campaign types

Postaga use case ideas

  1. Build personal outreach campaigns.
  2. Track outreach efforts.
  3. Reach specific outreach goals. Postaga
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